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Jan 28, 2015

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Posted by: Tina Besserman

Jun 27, 2011

Buying a Hud Home

Posted by: Tina Besserman

Thinking about buying a HUD home but don't know where to begin?   The first step is finding a good agent who knows the HUD market and how to submit an offer for you. Visit HUD's website www.hudhomestore.com for a listings of homes in your area.   Find out if you qualify.   HUD does not do the financing for you, I suggest you contact a knowledgeable agent who can help you find a good loan officer who is familiar with the different HUD Home Programs.   HUD offers several options for first time home buyers and for investors.    Many homes qualify for a $100 downpayment program, your real estate agent can let you know if the state you live in has this program.   You can also ask HUD to pay up to 3% of your closing costs!    Some homes do require some repairs and HUD has two programs to assist you with this, a 203B is  small escrow, usually under $5,000 in for minor repairs.   Looking for a larger rehabilitation?  The 203K is a loan where the lender will work with you and a contractor for repairs over $5,000.   In many cases buying a HUD home is simple, and the closing takes place in less than 45 days!